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Healthcare Training Videos - IVET

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Founded by teachers in 2011, IVET continues to be one of Australia’s leading Registered Training Organisations (RTO) specialising in a wide range of VET in-school programs nationwide.

Check out their full list of programs at: https://www.ivetinstitute.com.au

They approached us to create a series of training videos for their nursing staff.

The Requirements:

To create an engaging series of training videos aimed at teaching nursing staff how to safely assist patients with basic movements such as sitting, standing, recovering after a fall or using walking aids. This  video in the series is titled: 'Moving a Person Safely by Wheelchair'.

The Challenge:

The biggest challenge to any training video - especially with programs regulated by government - is that the program, methodically outlined on paper, has to be accurately translated for the screen. This adaptation is not as straight forward as it might seem. It relies heavily on the client - the subject matter experts - working with the video producer - the video production experts - to produce visual products that contain accurate information while maintaining engagement. In this case the IVET training staff not only knew their material well but were able to present it to screen in a really engaging manner.

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