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Sherbrooke Builders, APB Client Testimonial

Sherbrooke Builders, APB Client Testimonial

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We recently produced this client testimonial video for The Association for Professional Builders (APB) on their business coaching service designed specifically for their members.

In this client testimonial video we hear from Graham Salan and Rob Drecshel of Sherbrooke Design and Construction who came across the APB on Facebook. The company was struggling. Although they excelled at design and construction, their business skills were lacking. They signed up for the APB’s business coaching service and things slowly turned around. They were able to clarify their niche as builders, learn about net margin and pricing for profit, streamline their systems processes and create a solid business model. Crucially, their newly acquired business skills improved their professionalism and communication with clients. They developed better reporting structures and the quality of their documentation, vital to the construction process, improved considerably too.

The APB was even able to help the business partners improve internal communications and work through conflict in a constructive way.

It’s an undeniably glowing review of the business coaching services offered by the APB. But more importantly, it’s authentic. At no time do we hear from the APB themselves, just two partners running an unaffiliated construction company who used their services. And therefore, we trust that what they’re saying is true. The brief client case study video tells a story of struggle and lost profits that the APB was able to turn into real success and measurable business direction for the Sherbrooke team.

Client testimonials like these provide honest feedback on your products or services from the very people that use them. Your customers trust their peers to tell the truth. Watching other people talk about your services, product or brand puts a face to your customers that others can identify with, generates credibility and reassures your clients that they are making an informed choice.

"We’re using the video in a few ways.

1) In our paid advertising to establish proof and authority in our market
2) Amongst our proof content on our website
3) And to share with prospects to show how we can help them.

This video in particular has been extremely helpful because of the two person perspective. Having an interview with both partners of the company has helped us show other businesses in the same situation how we can help them"

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Kayla Jordan
Association of Professional Builders