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Australian Institute of Architects, Paula Whitman Gender Equity Prize 2023

Australian Institute of Architects, Paula Whitman Gender Equity Prize 2023

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Australian Institute of Architects Gender Equity Prize 2023

Pixel3 Video Productions’ latest project is an event video to announce an award winner of the Gender Equity Prize, 2023, for the Australian Institute of Architects.

Online Event Brief:

This talking head video was commissioned to profile the announcement of the winner of the Paula Whitman Leadership in Gender Equity Prize 2023, which recognizes individuals who have demonstrated exceptional leadership and made outstanding contributions to the advancement of gender equity in architectural practice, education, and governance.

Our Approach

The video opens with Tony Giannone, the Immediate Past President of the Australian Institute of Architects, and chair of the prize jury, speaking straight to camera as he provides an introduction and background for the prize before announcing Emma Williamson as the 2023 winner.

We then move onto a profile-style video of Emma's career, her remarkable achievements, and her vision for advancing gender equity in the field of architecture. Emma herself then speaks directly to camera to thank the Institute and explain the meaning of the award to her.

Talking head videos can be used for a variety of purposes, including marketing, education, and entertainment. Taking head videos feature a person speaking directly to the camera, often delivering information or sharing their thoughts on a particular topic. While the subject matter of a talking head video is undoubtedly important, the way it is shot and edited also impacts its effectiveness.

For this particular talking head video, a one-camera setup was used, with the subject speaking straight to the camera. This setup creates a personal and intimate feel for the viewer, as if the subject is speaking directly to them. The camera was positioned at eye level with the subject, which helps to create a sense of equality and respect between the subject and the viewer.

We used a three-point lighting technique which includes a key light to illuminate the subject, a fill light, and a backlight. The key light is the main source of light and is positioned to one side of the subject, while the fill light is placed on the opposite side to soften shadows. The backlight is positioned behind the subject to create a sense of depth and separation from the background.

In post-production, we used a variety of techniques to create a polished and engaging final product.

We added an opening title sequence, animated elements, and an unobtrusive music bed. Animated elements were used to emphasize key points and add visual interest without distracting from the subject, while the music bed helps to create a sense of flow and continuity throughout the video, without overpowering the subject's voice.

The Reception

We checked in with Abbey Czudek, National Manager, Awards & Prizes at the Australian Institute of Architects, to see how the video had been received.

How have you used this video? Where have you used it?

It is uploaded to our YouTube channel and was played at International Womens’ Day events in four states.

Was this prize announcement a live event in the past? If so, what are the benefits of doing an announcement video instead?

Yes, the prize announcement was a live event in the past. Online announcements get more traction, more viewers (and can be added to our) online archive.

What was it like working with Pixel3 Video Productions?

Working with Pixel3 Video Productions has been enjoyable and successful. Anthony and Charles are very helpful and knowledgeable. The production process was fun and informative.

Abbey Czudek
National Manager, Awards & Prizes
Australian Institute of Architects

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