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Australian Institute of Architects National Prizes 2023

Australian Institute of Architects National Prizes 2023

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Australian Institute of Architects National Prizes 2023

It was a pleasure to produce another talking head video for the Australian Institute of Architects, this time to deliver their National Prizes 2023 announcements. The Australian Institute of Architects have recently moved their live event announcements to the online environment as they get more traction, more viewers, and the content can be added to their online archive.

Online Event Brief

Due to the success of previous video prize announcements, namely our work on the Paula Whitman Leadership in Gender Equity Prize 2023, we were again commissioned to profile the announcement of the winners of the Australian Institute of Architects 2023 National Prizes. This year's recipients were recognised in a variety of categories, including innovation, engagement, and sustainability. It is particularly noteworthy that the awardees included both emerging and established professionals, highlighting the breadth of talent in this field and the contributions it makes to all areas of our lives.

Our Approach

In previous years, live events were held to announce the winners, but this year, the Institute opted for a talking head video format. This approach has numerous advantages. It means viewers can see and hear directly from the winners themselves, but most importantly, it provides unlimited access to the video on their website, YouTube channel and social media platforms. The video format also makes the announcements more accessible and engaging for a wider audience, as it can be easily shared and viewed on social media platforms.

The one-camera setup used in the video created a personal and intimate feel for the viewer, with the subjects speaking directly to camera.

To create a professional and polished final product, the video production team used a three-point lighting technique during filming. This involved positioning a key light to illuminate the subject, a fill light to soften shadows, and a backlight to create separation from the background.

In post-production, the team added an opening title sequence, animated elements, and a music bed to create a sense of flow and continuity throughout the video. The use of animated elements in particular allows for key points to be emphasised without distracting from the subject's message.

The Reception

We once again checked in with Abbey Czudek, National Manager, Awards & Prizes at the Australian Institute of Architects, to see how the video had been received. The Institute was again thrilled with the outcome and have now posted the video on their website, YouTube channel, and LinkedIn.

Congratulations to all the winners and their outstanding contributions to the field of architecture.

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