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Testimonial Video | Let Your Clients Do The Selling | Linak Australia

Testimonial Video | Let Your Clients Do The Selling | Linak Australia

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Testimonial Video, Linak Australia

Customer testimonial videos are a powerful tool that brands can use to showcase how their products or services have improved their clients’ lives.

Our client, Linak, wanted to create a variety of video assets around a testimonial video given by their client, Ultimate Outdoors. Linak designed and produced an actuator for The Ultimate X25 Camper Trailer, which went on to win the 2021 Camper trailer of the year. So, Ultimate Outdoors were happy to sing their praises.

Linak’s objectives were:

  • to demonstrate their solution to lifting and smooth operation for camper trailer applications
  • to show that Linak designs and produces quality products and innovative design
  • to increase demand for their electric linear actuator solutions

This testimonial video demonstrates the collaboration between Ultimate Outdoors and Linak that resulted in an improved camping experience and overall quality of life for their end users.

Client testimonial videos or interview videos provide honest feedback on your products or services. If you’ve got a happy client, they’ll want to tell people about you and the good thing is, their peers trust them to tell the truth. Inviting others to praise your product or service humanises your business, lends it credibility and reassures prospective customers that they are making a good choice.

Linak’s products are highly sophisticated mechanisms used in a vast range of industrial applications and they’re not easily described. The best way to show off these complex designs is by demonstrating how they work in a video.

The final deliverables were a two-minute high-quality video case-story for Linak’s website and a 30-second teaser video for social media. These assets facilitated promotion of the video among the wider industry, increased website traffic to www.linak.com.au, and referral website traffic to www.eagleoutdoors.com.au leading to potential sales enquiries.

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