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Happy Heart Animation Production

We love working on animation videos and this one is for The Heart Foundation. The aim was to create an engaging animation to encourage people to do more walking and less sitting. The animation had to be positive and happy, yet this mood could not diminish the message that a sedentary lifestyle can have a harmful effect on one's health.

We decided that the key design to drive this message was to have Happy Heart move as little as possible in the first half of the animation (and have the environment move by instead), while in the second half it is Happy Heart who moves through the environment, driving the story forward. It was really exciting to see this theme develop as we moved from storyboard, to animated storyboard, to the final animation, complete with sound and music.

Another great example of how animation is the perfect medium for softening a serious message, without hindering its impact.

Thanks to the Heart Foundation for allowing us to go with it.

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