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Video Editing Service, Kanopi

Video Editing Service, Kanopi

Video Editing Service
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Video Editing Service, Kanopi

We’ve seen a huge rise in footage recorded over Zoom since lockdown first began in early 2020. There has been such a seismic shift in the way we work with ‘hybrid’ and ‘remote’ now commonplace language when referring to ‘types of work’. Although many people have returned to the office, some are continuing to work exclusively from home and some do a bit of both.

This means that the demand for Zoom has not abated and is not likely to. Zoom meetings are now commonplace and often capture incredibly important material. But, many businesses don’t record them and when they do, they often lack polish.

Kanopi, an insurtech platform, held a series of “virtual round table discussions” via Zoom. They knew the content was valuable but it lacked a professional finish. So they started looking for a professional video editing service to elevate the look of the content to match the content itself.

This is what they started with:

We provided a comprehensive video edit including trimming, fixing general video issues, ensuring consistent colour across the different videos and polishing up the audio.

In detail, this is what we applied to their content:

  • Title animation
  • Brand name and logo
  • Appropriate intro music
  • Animated graphics
  • Subtitles
  • Speaker name and position as a lower-third
  • Remove blank screen preview
  • Sorted them into subtopics as per each video’s requirements
  • Removed fumbling of words, incoherent language and long pauses
  • Ensured the videos were bright and clean
  • Reduced graininess
  • Ensured audio quality is clear and in sync with the video
  • Ensured the videos were sitting within a custom branded overlay in Kanopi brand colours
  • Included calls-to-action (CTAs) eg:
    1. Like, share and subscribe
    2.To learn more about *video topic*, click the link in the description below
  • Appropriate outro music
  • And an outro calling attention to the CTA

And this is what they ended up with:

If you have content recorded over Zoom, Webex, Google Space, Team Viewer or even on your Iphone, you’ve potentially got some content that, with a little professional video editing, could become invaluable marketing and/or educational assets. Remember that no matter how good your content, if the delivery medium is poor, the engagement will be too.

And we do of course, also offer a video editing service for professionally recorded content too.

Check out our Video Editing Service page for full info on the possibilities - click here