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Video Editing Service, Zoom Calls, Harmony Alliance

Video Editing Service, Zoom Calls, Harmony Alliance

Video Editing Service
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If you're dismissing content recorded over Zoom, Webex, Google Space, Team Viewer or even on your Iphone as not being good enough to share with your clients or colleagues, you could be overlooking great marketing content. It can be just as valuable as any content shot and produced professionally. However, you WILL benefit from bringing in a professional video editor to make the most of it because no matter how good the content is, if the delivery is poor, the engagement will be too.

This project is a case in point. The Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Obstetrics and Gynaecologists partnered with Harmony Alliance (Migrant and Refugee Women for Change) to produce a number of healthcare-related Zoom webinars. The content was intended for a large audience of medical practitioners across Australia.

Although the content itself was great, the video needed some finessing before it was ready for widespread delivery.

We got to work trimming the video length, applying basic top and tail edits, fixing general video issues, ensuring the colour was consistent across the different speakers featured in the video and polishing up the audio. This is just one of the many videos we worked on.

While this is not the sort of content we would normally showcase on our website, it demonstrates that even the most basic of video content can be elevated with the expert touch of an experienced video editor. And we do of course, also offer a video editing service for professionally recorded content too.

The way we live and work, while undergoing unprecedented change recently, has always evolved and developed. Rolling with these changes is the best way to keep your content relevant and to ensure your message still gets heard.