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Webinar Series: Staying Active During And After Lockdown

Webinar Series: Staying Active During And After Lockdown

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The extended lockdowns experienced across Australia during 2020 and 2021 were challenging for most of us. Millions of people found themselves suddenly working from home, cut off from social contact and unable to participate in their day-to-day activities.

Vulnerable members of our community faced extra challenges. Elderly people found it harder to stay active and connected while people with disabilities lost their community and sporting connections.

To counter this, Professor Cathie Sherrington from the Institute for Musculoskeletal Health, University of Sydney, hosted a live webinar encouraging these special needs groups to stay active during and after lockdown. The live event was interspersed with a series of 15 pre-recorded interviews, personal stories and advice from a range of medical experts.

Realising it was going to be a large project requiring complex technical expertise, Professor Sherrington appointed our video editing service to manage their virtual event video content production.

The video featured here shows Professor Sherrington speaking with Matt Rawlings, former track champion and current Para Coach of the Year.

Matt speaks about the importance of meeting on a weekly basis via Zoom with his team members. These meetings were vital to keeping the squad connected and also allowed members to discuss various issues with each other, whether sporting or personal. Participants also enjoyed sharing ideas to keep physically and mentally fit.

Christian Georgallis, a young man with cerebral palsy who’s an athlete in Matt’s squad, spoke of the fundamental need for these sessions. They not only kept him connected with teammates, they also motivated him to continue training while building up fitness for another good season.

As the live event and video series were intended for a wide and somewhat vulnerable audience, it was essential that they were delivered in the most engaging, polished and professional manner possible.

Pixel3 Video Productions scheduled all pre-recorded Zoom sessions (15 in total), directed participants over Zoom to get the best possible recording quality, used green screen backgrounds and recorded each episode. When we got the content to post-production we top and tailed each episode in the series with animation, inserted professional titles over each speaker, added animated graphics, lower thirds and music to give each video a professional look and feel. We then outputted each video ready for distribution. and recorded the live webinar.

We asked Professor Cathie Sherrington to provide feedback on the entire process:

How many people participated in the live webinar?
Just under 300 participants joined us on the day.

What was their feedback on the content?
During the webinar the feedback was very positive in the live chat with lots of thanks and comments that the information was very helpful.

How many health professionals contributed to the content?
Seven health professionals recorded videos with advice. This included three physiotherapists, one exercise physiologist and three medical doctors. An additional seven health professionals interviewed people about physical activity.

How did you find the experience of working with the Pixel3 team?
Anthony was excellent to work with right through the whole process. He was very receptive to feedback and provided regular communication and updates as to where the videos were up to and was able to accommodate schedule changes for videoing and additional video requests. We were very happy with the video content for our webinar.