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Spectrum Tuition, Vox Pop Interviews

Spectrum Tuition, Vox Pop Interviews

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The challenge was to create a vox pop interviews video that Spectrum Tuition would share with potential tutors, detailing the educational philosophy at the heart of this institute. This video is made up of interviews with their key staff, who share their teaching experiences and their passion for the subject matter, combined with images from the classes.

As part of their education philosophy Spectrum Tuition invests a lot of resources in finding the most motivated, committed and passionate tutors to deliver their courses and this vox pop video really captures that. The video doesn't just sell the sense of fulfillment that tutoring provides by letting the tutors in the classroom tell their story, it also makes you want to be a part of this passionate team. With this video as a resource Spectrum have developed a powerful communication tool that inspires a commitment to education.

They say you should never work with animals or kids, well on this shoot the kids were fantastic as were all the staff. Thanks to everyone involved.

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