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Discover the power of YOU with Brand Video | UnlimitU

Discover the power of YOU with Brand Video | UnlimitU

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Brand video is increasing in popularity. And here's why.

Everything you create and every service you provide, has its own story. Only you can tell that story as no one else has the same vision and goals as you do.

That’s why Brand Video is so incredibly POWERFUL. They bring you front and centre while giving potential clients the opportunity to get to know the person or people behind the name.

As a high performance consultant, Poppy from UnlimitU understands how vital it is to show who she is and what she’s passionate about.

As UnlimitU offers private coaching services to help people thrive in work and in life, it’s essential that clients get a good sense of the person they’ll be working with on such potentially private matters.

Poppy was a natural and engaging presence in front of the camera. With the right direction from our team, her warmth and authenticity shone through beautifully.

Remember, people WANT to connect with people, not business names.

Forbes couldn’t have said it better, “People do business with people they like”.

Poppy was really pleased with her finished video and kindly shared her thoughts on the whole process with us.

How have you/will you used use the video?

We will use it on our website, social media platforms and in direct correspondence with prospective clients

How has it been helpful?

It has elevated my personal brand and credibility and provided a snapshot of what clients could expect and gain from collaborating with me.

What kind of feedback have you received? 

The feedback has been very positive from peeople who have viewed this so far.

What was it like working with Pixel3 Video Productions?

As always it was a pleasure. Easy, straightforward, getting things done and done well.

How did you find the process?

It was very easy. Pixel3 Video Productions were accommodating and a pleasure to work with.


If you're an individual or organisation interested in her coaching, workshops or speaker services, you can email her at poppy@unlimitu.com.au or visit the UnlimitU website www.unlimitu.com.au

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