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Red Carpet and Celebrities - Event Photography

Red Carpet and Celebrities - Event Photography

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Over the years we have photographed all manner of large and international events, ranging from the Logies to the Melbourne International Film Festival and Australian Open. With our extensive experience with photography on red carpets significant events, we have a firm grasp on how to best capture an event in photos and video for a client to share with internal stakeholders or with fans on social media.  Fast or instant delivery of photos from red carpets has also been a popular service over recent years with images being shared almost instantly as a live feed on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook as celebrities have stepped onto the red carpet. By the time they have finished speaking to the media on the red carpet and entered the event, the outside world knows what and who they’re wearing to the event. We have found that fast turnaround on event images increases social shares and interaction enormously.

When held in Melbourne, the annual Logie awards at Crown always had at least three photographers covering the entrance at the first part of the red carpet, just before they ran the gauntlet of the TV interviewers and public audience. Photos were published long before the celebrities reached the main media wall and press pack where there were further opportunities for photography and live video streaming.

Events such as the Australian Open have seen us photographing the tennis action, (with a fast turnaround on the images to compete with Getty Images and the other photography agencies) as well as the corporate marquees, PR acvtivation and corporate dining that many large brands host for their clients.

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