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Happy Socks Activation, Event Photography

Happy Socks Activation, Event Photography

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We can often be found photographing PR activations and launches at stores and shopping centres around Melbourne, with the subject matter or event ranging from testing a sampling a product through to the downright wacky.
A recent activation for the international clothing brand Happy Socks landed somewhere in the middle with the premise of convincing casual shoppers to switch their current pair of socks for a brand new pair of Happy Socks, free of charge.
With hundreds of end of day shoppers passing through the doors, there was a huge take-up on a fresh pair of socks at the end of a long day Christmas shopping. Even we swapped some ours for a pair of the Swedish super softies!

Activations can vary from the very small, individualized experiences such as testing a scent through to the enormous, large scale reward for interaction experience such as the recent Red Bull F1 racing experience with Mark Weber in Melbourne Central or the handout of sample sized soft drink cans at a music festival.

All of these branding experience activations can be photographed in useful way to illustrate the brand in the hands of a potential customer; whether it’s posed photography or simply capturing the genuine reaction to a real experience or the interaction between the public and staff, and all are great for use on social media to illustrate their use or user enjoyment. Often brand activations are way more powerful than any advertising or promotion, simply enabling the customer to experience first hand, what the product can do for them without incurring a cost.

From photographing coffee carts for Nespresso outside the MCEC, through to social videos of Liptons iced tea at a summer festival, we’ve photographed a huge number of activations so please do get in touch to discuss your options to maximise the exposure for your brand.

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