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Recruitment Video Ready
October 7, 2023

Recruitment Video Ready

Recruitment Video Sledgehammer Games Melbourne Videography

Attracting the right candidate for a position is competitive. You probably already know this. So how do you win more engagement from your prospects and ensure you get a healthy level of interest for your advertised position? One way, is to produce a well thought out recruitment video. A recruitment video is a great tool for drawing the interest of that perfect candidate. It will enable you to communicate the expectations of the advertised position in an engaging manner and shed more light on the business and the qualities of the person you are looking to hire. Video will do this in a way that words and still images could never convey.

A recruitment video will give you the opportunity to showcase the vibrant spirit of your workplace,  your core business activities, the type of clients you serve and the culture and the values that drive your organisation forward.

All this sounds promising, however, for it to have impact and for you to maximise on your investment in the recruitment video, care must be taken to ensure that it represents the organisation and position advertised in the most authentic way possible. You want to draw the interest from those who share the same values and whose expectations will be met.

Get it right and you’re well on the way to getting the message out to the most suitable candidates, who will be drawn to your business and will be excited by the opportunity to work for you.

Recruitment video: some further notes

  • A recruitment video will help demonstrate to potential candidates that you are forward thinking and innovative.
  • Video content is so easily shared, ensuring you get maximum exposure and win more engagement from a larger audience who are more likely to see and respond to your message.
  • In the age of social media, if you aren’t incorporating video into your organisations strategy then you run the risk of being overshadowed by your competitors.
  • According to AIB, “Australian employee changes jobs 12 times throughout their life (source: AIB). That’s a lot of job applications, and we are all fatigued by the same old recruitment language to attract new employees. Recruitment videos give you an opportunity for a fresh approach to get your message out there.
  • When done properly, candidates may already relate, or feel a sense of connection to your brand. They may potentially visualise themselves fitting into the work environment and you are more likely to get applicants with a strong desire to work with you and who will be a good fit for your organisation.

Finding and hiring new talent requires a substantial financial commitment. Attracting the right candidates through video content that authentically showcases your company culture, mission, and ethos increases the chances they’ll be a good fit and lowers the risk they will be unsatisfied and leave.

The longevity of any organisation lies in its ability to attract and employ the best, most suitable talent. Recruiting videos are an effective method of doing just that.

At Pixel3 Video productions we can help you produce your recruitment video. Reach out, and lets chat.