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Knowledge base

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Winning Viewers With Video Content: Show, Don't Tell

It’s hard to deny the power of mystery in popular culture. It stimulates our imaginations […]

The Zoom Boom: Create Valuable Marketing Assets from Zoom Meeting Footage

Create Valuable Marketing Assets from Zoom Meeting Footage Do you have an archive of Zoom […]

Evoke an emotional response to your video with pacing and tone

The pace and tone of your video is crucial for it's success Promotional videos need […]

Writing a clear video brief that will save you time and money

At Pixel3 we have produced thousands of video productions for clients across many deferent sectors, […]

Social Media Video Production

Making videos for social media on a regular basis  is no longer an option; it's […]

Real Estate Videos in Melbourne

At Pixel3 we have been producing content for the real-estate sector for many years, send  […]

You're being interviewed? Tips for presenting to camera

Tips for presenting to camera. You don't have to be an actor to make an […]

Video Production Budget, Saving Money Producing Quality Video Content

5 tips on how to best use your limited video production budget  We have come […]

What type of video do I need? We'll help you choose the right one to grow your business

With so many video solutions available to get your message across how do you choose […]