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Video content ideas for your next corporate event

If you're not yet producing video content for your events, then you're really missing out […]

Why Hire a professional videographer for our corporate event?

If you're reading this blog you're probably weighing up the benefits of hiring a professional […]

How to use video at your next corporate event

At Pixel3 Video Productions, we have been producing video content for events in Melbourne and […]

The Importance of Pre-Event Promotional Video

At Pixel3 Video Productions, we've been producing video content for events for many years. Our […]

So what’s a video brief and why do we need one? Video brief template you can download

Let’s say you want to buy a vehicle. There are many options: a truck, a […]

Need an Event Video? Quick Pointers on Producing One - Reed Gift Fair 2019 Melbourne

It's great fun producing the event video production for The Reed Gift 2019 in Melbourne. […]

Presenting on camera, how to prepare.

Welcome back. In the last blog I discussed the particular challenges of presenting on camera, […]

Presenting to camera, develop a winning camera presence

When presenting to camera, how can you make sure to get the best out of […]

Event videographers and photographers should work as a team.

Simon Woodcock of Conference Photography Australia discusses the importance of professional photographers and videographers working […]