Asia Pacific Fuel Industry Forum 2019- Event Videography

Event Videography

Asia Pacific Fuel Industry Forum 2019- Event Videography

A look into the event exhibitors, and latest industry news, the Asia Pacific Fuel Industry Forum (APFI) is an annual opportunity for all industry participants to join together.

Set at the Melbourne Convention Centre, the 2019 APFI is a great example of event videography in action. In this brief snapshot of the day, the success of the event is not only captured, but can be capitalised to ensure the longevity of its success. This includes attracting future industry professionals, speakers, and raising awareness, all integral for an annual event.

Your event video can serve as a promotional video in this way, with key highlights from the event working to promote the next. In the case of the APFI, the success of its 52 exhibitors and available opportunities with stakeholders and the latest innovations showcased here, can be used over and over again as part of future online marketing campaigns.

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