Intrigue Summit in Melbourne 2018 – Event Coverage

Event Videography

Intrigue Summit in Melbourne 2018 – Event Coverage

Event videography coverage involves more than just shooting interviews and presentations. Key to a successful  video coverage strategy is B-roll, which is footage shot around the interviews and presentations, such as images of attendees networking, images of the location and setup, images of the exhibitors. B-roll captures the energy of the event and also serves to backup the comments made in the testimonials.

This event video for the Intrigue Summit 2018 clearly demonstrates the dynamics at play between the main interview footage and the B-roll footage, both coming together to highlight the energy and excitement of the event. So when planning your next event’s video coverage, be sure to allow time for B-roll.

Check it out.

For more about the video services we provide for event organisers check out our event video production page.


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